Wisconsin 4-H promotes intercultural awareness and understanding and challenges youth and families to become better global citizens by providing opportunities to establish close relationships with people from different cultures through international home-stay and hosting experiences.

Month-long outbound and hosting opportunities are available through Wisconsin 4-H and our partnering organizations in Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Finland, and Norway, as well as opportunities to host year-long high school students from Japan, South Korea, Mexico, or Eastern Europe. International learning workshops are offered at the at the county, district and state levels, and adult volunteer leadership positions are available as well as youth exchanges.

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Homestay Abroad 

Host for One Month

Host for an Academic Year

“Our exchange this year was great. We learned so much about Japan, their culture and their basic way of life she brought a photo book with and explained all of it to us. It’s a very rewarding experience that I would highly recommend.”
-2016 Host family


“This experience was… off the charts!”
-2016 Host Family


“It was a fun experience and reminded us that people are the same (and different) no matter where they are from. We laughed a lot and learned all about the things make us the same. We also taught each other many things we didn’t know to be true. It was hard to say goodbye.”
-2016 Host Family