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… And our World.

Wisconsin 4-H International Programs emphasizes the 4-H values of belonging and understanding through international exchange. In today’s ever changing world the skill of global citizenship becomes more and more important all the time. Help the youth in your community build bridges and connect with others from around the world!


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Homestay Abroad 

Host for One Month

Host for an Academic Year

“People are the same at heart, and we can learn so much from other cultures!” -2019 Host Family


“We enjoyed having a child from another part of the world in our home – despite the communication barriers, he is a 13-year-old boy!” -2019 Host Family


“This experience showed us that cultures around the world are very different than ours. We learned about her daily life in Mexico and it was so neat to watch our delegate try something for the first time!” -2017 Host Family


“Hosting was an eye opening experience that made me want to explore other cultures and travel to other countries! My favorite thing about my host sibling was her bubbly personality and willingness to experience our culture.” -2017 Host Sibling


“We hope our international delegate and family will visit again as she has a place in our home and our hearts!” -2019 Host Family


“It was a fun experience and reminded us that people are the same (and different) no matter where they are from. We laughed a lot and learned all about the things that make us the same. We also taught each other many things we didn’t know to be true. It was hard to say goodbye.” -2016 Host Family