Nine Exchange Students Prepping for the 2016 -2017 School Year


At the beginning of August exchange students from Japan, South Korea, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, and Ukraine began to arrive for their year long home stays in the United States.

Students represented four different exchange organizations: FLEX, LEX, LABO and BFE. LEX and LABO are both organizations in Japan that focus on learning languages and travel to other countries is one of the ways that they improve their language skills. BFE is a language learning focused, youth development organization in Korea. The Future Leaders Exchange or FLEX is an exchange that is funded by the US State Department with the goal of creating stronger ties and understanding between the US and eastern European countries. It is important for students of all organizations to learn about volunteerism and citizenship.


Host families will spend the next few weeks registering their students for school and enjoying the last month of summer. Students and host families will meet up with 4-H staff two times during the year for midpoint meetings. We look forward to hearing about their school year and all of the other exciting adventures that they are having with their hosts!