ReEntry workshop for 2016 Outbound Delegates Showcases How Much they Have Changed

The ReEntry Workshop on August 27 is one of the events where we really see international programs in action. When we first meet the delegates in March at the Outbound Orientation many are nervous or just not really knowing a lot about the place that they will be spending a month in the summer. Through the weekend we see them try to absorb all of the information that they can and then we are waiting and watching as they go abroad.

Now it is an even more exciting time as the delegates have returned from their home stays and have so many new things to share. At the ReEntry Workshop seven of this year’s delegates were able to share their experiences travelling to  Norway, Costa Rica, Japan and Korea.They each stayed with host families and learned so much about themselves and about the various country’s cultures.

If you are interested in going outbound with Wisconsin 4-H in 2017 contact us and continue to check our website for updates. Outbound applications are due December 1st!