Experiences – view videos, pictures, and testimony from families and youth who have participated in Wisconsin 4-H International Programs.

Learn more about our partner organizations in different countries

Costa Rica 4-S          Finland 4-H          Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES)

Labo (Japan)             LEX Japan         LEX Korea        Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX)

LEX Mexico               Norway 4-H        LEX America    States’ 4-H International Exchange Programs 

Share your experiences with your community and help to promote 4-H international programs by:

  • Submitting a press release to your local newspaper or club newsletter

Sample Press Releases

  • Creating a display board or PowerPoint presentation to share with your 4-H club or other group in order to introduce hosting opportunities to new families

Display Board Materials

WI 4-H International Programs’ Promotional PowerPoint


Other Promotional Materials


Information for youth looking to homestay abroad

Raising Financial Support Guide

Fund Raising Do’s & Dont’s

Passport 101


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